Statistical Analysis

Data analytics are an important part of assessing a workplace environment. We'll look for patterns and correlations among your organization using descriptive and inferential statistics. Our practice of coding all the information we collect allows us to provide you a framework of how actions and events affect employee opinions, performance, and the like.

Ethnographic Observation

Observation is key to understanding the behaviors and practices utilized by employees within an organization. Our commitment to success starts here and guides all other forms of our data collection. We study your organization by aligning ourselves within your business, working alongside your employees. From this vantage point, we are in a unique position to place quantitative data into appropriate contexts.


Employees are often hesitant to offer their opinion to their own supervisors, or anyone in a perceived position of power. We'll sit down with individuals of your business and have candid, private conversations. From this we extrapolate trends in thoughts and behaviors and construct, from a collection of unfiltered discussions, a portrait of your business. We know it is comforting to view your own environment through rose colored glasses, but in a profit driven world, this is not affordable. Together, we'll deconstruct barriers between stratified employees. We'll build an environment of trust and respect, and foster forthcoming, and necessary, reflections.

Survey Development

Gathering large amounts of useful data can be challenging. Instead of utilizing off the shelf questions, our processes insures that any survey driven data collected is tailored to suit the environments in which your employees work. Too often survey questions are ill suited and misleading, which in turn causes inferences to be drawn from a population that aren't accurate. Together, we'll take stock of your organization in an efficient and effective manner.