Not so commonplace is how we back it up. We don't start with generic surveys, structured interviews, or data analysis, although, we'll get to the latter. We begin with unfiltered, uninhibited observation. We submerse ourselves in your organization; working alongside your employees in their roles.

We live, breath, and become part of your corporate culture to glean information only an informed, dedicated, and acclimated insider could know. Only after we have armed ourselves with the necessary qualitative data, do we consider how to tailor the collection of quantitative data.

Our approach is anthropological in nature. Our distinguishing characteristics reflect the exploratory and abstruse nature of anthropology as we seek to uncover the subtleties of employee behavior and collectivity. We set ourselves apart from the field of other consultants by focusing first on ethnographic, qualitative processes. We become your employees, get to know you, understand core business practices, embody your ethos. And, we record along the way. This is important, as it allows us to unearth, almost fortuitously, crucial insights which may have far-reaching import. Our unique method will afford you an honest analysis of the culture you and your employees have built.

Whereas our anthropological start provides us with unfiltered observations, our social psychology acumen informs us. We've made a practice of studying employee thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and pay particular attention to how the workplace influences these aspects. This provides you with a comprehensive understanding of why employees act, walk, talk, and most importantly, work the way they do.

We're more than just theory. We dive just as deep into your data as we do your environment. Hire us, and we'll eagerly pour over every data point you collect: gender, race, performance over time, pay scale, job titles, and vacation usage. Nothing is off limits, as we can correlate these data points to company performance, public perception, employee opinions, and the like.

In the end, we combine what we've gleaned from each perspective and share it with you. Together, we'll review it, understand it, and develop ways to give your business a competitive edge.